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Reclaim The Night London 2010


What’s the collective noun for several thousand angry feminists? I’m not sure there is one, but last night’s Reclaim The Night in London provided a good inspiration if you wanted to invent something.

Reclaim The Night has been going since the seventies but to my shame, I have to admit that in the seven years since Finn MacKay restarted this march in London, I’d never actually been on it until now.

This year, my partner Julian is on the London Feminist Network organising committee for the march and roped me in to take photographs.   Warning – after the jump, there an awful lot of images. If you were on RTN2010, you’re probably in there somewhere…

I think I must have walked about four times as far as everybody else.   At several points, I scaled street furniture to get some good vantage points; thankfully my LFN hi-viz marshall’s jacket seemed to part the crowds for me and the police were pretty cool letting me go where I needed to be. We assembled at Whitehall Place at six o’clock:

The march was entirely peaceful and good humoured, although there was a lot of chanting, singing and shouting. The energy was amazing:

People came from all over the country, some bringing their children:

Lots of women carried placards – many of which were home made:

After the march, there were speeches, awards and a party at the Camden Centre:

I had a brilliant night – the sheer energy was just amazing. From the chants of the marchers to the passion of the speakers at the end, we all stood up and demanded our right to take back the night!

There are an awful lot more photographs online (well over four hundred, so you may well see yourself if you were there) and you can get to them by clicking any image on this post or going to my Picasa web gallery which is now up here. All images are freely downloadable and you are very welcome to use them for any non-commercial purpose under the terms of the Creative Commons licence below:

Creative Commons Licence
Reclaim The Night 2010 by Charlotte Barnes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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  1. 28/11/2010 12:27 pm

    Great stuff, I might even break the habit of a lifetime (5 years, tbh) and re-post on my blog😉


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